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Private Retreat for Women


 A Private Retreat Celebrating Over 8 Years of Providing Life Management for Women’s Mental Wellness!

  Summer Pricing for June, july 6 Day Retreats! Limited Space Left!



Women's Therapy Coaching Retreat

Life seem to be taking you down the same old circular path?  Should you earn an Oscar for your daily performance with co-workers,  friends and family? Feel alone constantly?  Tired of feeling disappointed?  Do you have relationship wear and tear? Too many losses?

Welcome to APX: A Women’s Mental Wellness Retreat, a Leader in Private Wellness  for over 7 Years.  Specializing in providing tools to help cope with:  Grief & Loss, Relationship, Job Turmoil, Depression, Anxiety,  Panic, Caregiver exhaustion, Co-Dependency, Mid-life crisis.

APX is a rustic, warm Retreat setting. Near Charlotte NC. We provide Valet to and from the Retreat / CLT Airport. Open all year servicing ladies at our retreat from across the US and Internationally. Feel free to give us a call (704) 787-4272, or fill out our contact form so we can reach you! Can’t Help if we don’t who you are!


When You Need Privacy and Support!

All Programs  are intensive 3 hours of Mental Wellness sessions per full day, a mix of private manager and round table sessions! Also Spa Activities each day! Programs for results!

 6 & 13 Day all Inclusive Retreats.  (Including Mental Wellness Educational Seminars, Spa, Yoga, Food, Lodging and Airport Valet). 3 to 4 ladies maxim per retreat. Also totally private retreats for individual or family.

APX private Wellness for support as it relates to life issues:  whether you are dealing with  Job stresses, partner stresses, family stresses, generational issues. Rather have Wellness Programs with Life Managers for mentoring in a private setting?

Can’t sleep? Keep waking up with thoughts that make your heart race?  Do you feel like the world is overwhelming you?  Feel like you are moving in a fog?  All of these are signs that it’s time to start getting past your stuck points and moving forward.


The Goals of APX:

  • Reduce stress; reduce physical symptoms in the body. Are you constantly feeling ill? Your emotions may be wreaking havoc on your body.
  • Mind-Body strategies to help regulate your thinking and decrease reactivity.
  • Improve your happiness “set point”.
  • Use of a variety of tools, not form of talk therapy.

Advantages of APX:

  • Focus on the present, because living in the past has gotten you nowhere.
  • Educational focus to empower.
  • Recognizing the role of chemicals in the brain and how that influences how you process emotion.
  • Get control of fear that is holding you back.

APX offers programs for Life’s Wellness Management, spa amenities, culinary, lodging in a wooded retreat setting with walking trails, WI-fi, in all inclusive pricing and packages. And Yes! You keep you phone! We are here to take your calls 7 days a week, 9AM to 9PM (est). +1 (704) 787-4272

We have a few Winter dates available.

Winter is here!  We are open year round at APX. Our area of North Carolina experiences the perfect temperate climate. It's a great time to visit APX -- the perfect private retreat.

Is your GPS broken? At APX we re-calculate reoutes

We are Available by phone or contact 7-days a week 9AM – 9PM, +1 (704) 787-4272  We can’t help if you don’t reach out to us!    
Please reach out to us using our contact form, so that we can get you more information or answer any questions that you might have.

Please see our testimonial page for what our seminar guests are saying about their stay at APX!

Or maybe you have been dealing Life’s failures. Having a hard time taking care of you, or finding someone who really gets it?  APX  Life Mental Wellness Retreat can be that place to get back your grounding.

Life's  relevant issues:

  • Reinventing the Wheel
  • “I Hate Change”
  • Professional School Stressors
  • Relationship Complexities
  • Mid-life Grief
  • “Don’t anyone ask me for another thing!”
  • “How could I possibly be related to these people?”
  • “I think I need a life”
  • “I thought my degree would get me somewhere”
  • “I feel like I lost my purpose”

Coping with Change?

Does it feel like you walk through your life on auto pilot?  Doing just enough to get by, but feel a bit disconnected?  Life can get complicated, quickly.  Sometimes you just need a better answer.  With an integrative model, it’s easier to put a smarter foundation under you.  Or you can just listen to your family’s opinions.  If you are like most, they are not always the best in the “getting it” department.  At APX, we do. 

Have Questions?

Are you willing to take 6 to 13 days for yourself to gain some clarity?  If so,  APX  is an environment that will help you understand yourself better, find an inner calm space, and understand not only how you relate to yourself, but also identifying your role in life.  For once, it’s time to put you first.  Now that’s different!
Upon request, we will review an alternate life topic or open format. Please contact us by phone to make such a request, and provide round table and/or individual information.

is able to offer support on individual as well as small group size.  Please contact us at APX  to set up a phone consultation.  Whether you need it tomorrow or you want to schedule it in two weeks, we will do our best to accommodate.

Retreats start with on Monday afternoons at 3pm through Saturdays at noon. We offer 6  & 13 day retreats.

Pricing is all-inclusive unless otherwise stated on the Amenities page.

All pricing and available dates are booked on an individual basis.

Travel is not included in the price of the retreats.

See Amenities for specific information. 

Women's Life Coaching RetreatAPX has been designed around the concept of quality life Coaching for women in a healing and
restorative environment.
We opened the retreat with the mission of the provision of comprehensive  strategic  coaching (mind and body). Programs designed with small  round table  attendance, private setting.

Women's Life Coaching Retreat
APX  offers  strategic   coaching during your stay that is able to focus and attend to your needs using a multi-level paradigm.  We have created seminars to draw together persons with specific backgrounds or interests thru the seminar topic.  Seminar size is capped to four women, to provide a semi-private exclusive experience.  APX also offers a totally private 6 day retreat for persons requiring complete anonymity and privacy.

With the primary emphasis on you, APX also offers a unique visual and culinary experience in a beautiful environment on 3 acres with walking trails, outdoor sitting areas.

APX offers several amenities designed around different types of interests.  In between coaching sessions, you may opt for Yoga, Meditation, facial, Pedicure or simply a relaxing massage.  With our all-inclusive pricing, APX is committed to producing a high quality coaching and healthy lifestyle experience.While viewing our site, make sure to read all of the pages to introduce you to the seminars currently being offered, introduction to our staff, and bold pictorial excellence in the gallery. APX  does not accept insurance and is not billable to any insurance. We are a private pay Mental Wellness Retreat  only, Non Clinical.

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